I just secured a copy of Cities of the Sun * It says that in order
to create a Sea Trade Route you must have a coastal province rated
4 or higher. Osoerde has none but has a fleet of 3 Galleons, 6
Caravels and 2 coasters (also from CoS). Why ? This is contradictory
unless Osoerde is not trading with these ships. Maybe William Moergens
father was a collector. Yeah that's Right ! That's the ticket. What a
maroon. Shoot, he needed killing. Now let me enter that on my master
flowchart. :) Da dum da dum dum (Hums happily).

Seriously any ideas out there ?

*from the Hit Pointe On-Line shop,
1) I queried on Sunday nite,
2) They answered Tuesday nite,
3) I ordered on Wendesday,
4) The items arrived on Saturday.

Not too damn shabby IMHO.