Hello all:

I remember that someone on this list is (or might be) a marine
biologist, and they posted stuff about underwater sources a while back.
Could you post it to the list again, or email me if you have it? I
would appreciate this very much.

This is something that everyone on the list should discuss again, since
the heads of the CoS do control ley lines; since most of the ley lines
in the general vicinity of the CoA are all taken, these guys must tap
the ocean or river for their sources of realm magic. Or, does someone
have a different suggestion? IMO, these wizards would be pretty wimpy
if they didn't control level source holdings. Perhaps, other wizards
already detailed (like the High Mage Aelies) are the actual heads of the
CoS? This wouldn't be my first guess, but I'm open to discussion.

Please, my section needs suggestions on the leaders of magic in Anuire.
These people are, after all, probably the most important wizards in
Anuire; lets see if we can make them so!

Darren (Magic SC member)