First, I would like to thank all of you who participated in the voting
process, and to those who voted me as Magic SC member. Thanks!

Like James Ruhland, I would like to say that I welcome comments to the
above address regarding aspects of the Magic section you would to like
see covered as this OCP progresses. Or any other aspects you would like
to mention - my em address is always open ;-)!

To add a little stability to this the above statement, I would like to
say that I am considering starting to flesh out the College of Sorcery
first, then continue with the major religious holdings; nothing is final
as of yet, of course, and I would appreciate input on the Magic
section's first project. Would you like to see something else detailed
first? If so, please start a discuss on the BR list, or the OCP's
homepage. If everyone would like to see the CoS detailed, lets start
some light, general discussion here on what limits should be placed on
the Magic section (please, don't flood the list with messages like what
started this project in the first place). I will duly record them and
put them in front of the other committee members to include their
opinion as well.

Thanks for the vote,
Let's get this thing rolling!
Darren (Magic SC member)