1st a thanks to thouse of you who in your considered judgement decided I
was worthy for this task, and also to thouse of you who in your wisdom knew
I wasn't. *G*

2nd: an open invitation, especially to the other worthy candidates for this
position, but also to anyone else who'd like to make a contribution: if you
have any ideas, either extensive or short, on Anuire the City's Laws and
it's Governmental institutions, you can send them directly to me:


This is not intended to subvert the normal submissions process in any way,
I'd just like to look them over, whatever they may be, to help get things
organized (IMO, Laws & Regulations have to be at least outlined quickly, as
they may affect what is done in the other categories)

3rd: the threat/warning: if you do not give me ideas you're very likely to
end up with something very Romano-Byzantine in flavor, Law/Government wise.
. .beware. *G*

Ideas that I'd like to see include (but not limited to):
Titles of old Imperial Officials (especially for offices that
still exist, and are subordinate to the Chamberlain)
Titles for city Officials ("modern" I.E. the mayor, city
council, district/ward leaders, etc.)
Interesting/bizzare Laws/Regulations; things any fairly
old city might have on the books that may seem
strange, even irrational, and the reason why the
law was passed, and if it is enforced currently.

Again, same as #3 above: if nothing else comes in, the city "Mayor"
will prolly be a "Prefect" for example (yes, I plan to run my
job using threats and intimidation to get results. . .j/k)

Architecture: Please wait on sending in stuff that detail the city courts,
the Palace, "Mayor's" residence/"City Hall", etc. You prolly won't
have to wait too much longer with this stuff, though.

But other than buildings send in whatever you think is appropriate. IMO
this task (the OCP in general) doesn't involve members of the steering
commitee regecting ideas, but just finding ways to make them fit in with
everything else, as much as possible at least (I.E. if I suggest the
"mayor" be known as an "Eparch" and be appointed by the Chamberlain, and
somone else suggests he be known as "Lord-Mayor" and elected by the town
council, both can't be true. . .but perhaps he'd be the "Lord Prefect" and
be nominated by the Chamberlain & an up or down vote from the "town
council" approves/disaproves the nomination. I.E. we'll work to put our
ideas together. . .it will make the City seem more alive & rich with
history anyhow; real world politics/laws are often complex, and usually
more complex than they appear on paper. . .)