On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Jim Cooper wrote:
> Therefore, being unblooded hardly restricts a person
> from being a ruler, when one factors in that the land usually responds
> to these special people by 'recognizing' their power over their
> 'surroundings', whatever they may be. Heck, _green slime_ could rule a
> holding if enough beings worshipped/followed it - though not to much
> would get done in that domain, I reckon.

Would being dissolved by Grren Slime count as a piercing through the

> When the land 'gives' someone a bloodline, what derivation does it
> become? Hmmm ...

I'd suggest that The Lands Choice only happens upon the death of a
regent - otherwise a useless regent with a competant lieutenant would be
deposed by the land in short order.

Thus the BL deriavation is that same as that of the regent who just

> Maybe this is what
> happens to all failed attempts at bloodtheft - the land sucks them up
> into itself. I mean, where else does it go?

Or they just dissapate into nothing. This is why regents have a duty to
have kids - they need to ensure that bloodlines will still be around in
the future.