Thanx a lot to those who showed interest in "unblooded regents" and &
"investiture" topics. My special regards to Mark VanderMeulen whose
comments I found most useful.

I have pondered over these problems for quite some time now. First, I
thought, it would be best to follow strictly the rules, (like Wooz,
Trizt and Daniel suggested), i.e that only scions can be regents and
that's it. But soon I came to the conclusion that it would lead to
situations that are rather absurd. (Especially in respect of 0 level
holdings). So, I "divined" another solution. Here it is:

The disaster at Deismaar didn't result only in eight mortals rising
to godhood. Much more, the tremendous blast also mixed together the
energies of gods, nature (that is mebhaighl) and "the soul energy"
of living beings slain by the blast. As the result, strange energy -
the regency (cyfoers) - was born.

As the cyfoers has origin in mebhaighl, it is closely tied to the
land. Even so much that it forms areas according to different terrain
"regions" (such as a certain forest, or swamp). Provinces
correspond roughly to the areas of cyfoers.

The godly energy released at Deismaar and absorbed in the
"creation" of the cyfoers, allows the cyfoers to establish channels
with persons wielding a spark of godly power (that is scions). It
also gives the cyfoers a godly intelligence. However, due to its
origin the cyfoers is conflicting - although it is one, it has
divided mind. Namely, every area of cyfoers is more aware of
itself than of the other regions. Only through the scions can
dividing chasms be bridged. Secondly, the intelligence of the
cyfoers is most of the time dormant. (see Land's Choice)

The "soul energy" gives the cyfoers a desire to grow (as any living
being does). The growth of the cyfoers depends on the accumulation of
power: the more power there is, the stronger the cyfoers grows.

In order to understand the eeesnce of cyfoers, one can imagine
it as a mist flowing out from the land and filling every corner of
Cerilia. This mist is attracted by the power and gathers to the places
where the power is more concentrated. The nature of the power
varies. It can be a monetary power (domination in economics), an
ability to control vast quantities of mebhaghl, an ability to
influence the way the people see the world (religious power), or the
physical domination.

When enough cyfoers has gathered, three things may happen:

1. Creation of a Channel. If there is a scion who is controlling the
power, the cyfoers creates a channel with that scion. The channel
allows the scion to draw the cyfoers to himself (collection of
RP's) and gives him or her the insight of the cyfoers. (This insight
could be described as an ability to see through the mist
(cyfoers) surrounding the centre of power and thus be much more
effective when using the power, i.e. performing domain actions)

2. Nothing happens. If an unblooded person wields the power,
nothing may happen. With the growth of the power, cyfoers continues
to flow to the place starting to hinder actions of
the unblooded "regent". (In other words, the mist become so dense
that it is almost impossible be successful without the ability to see
through it)

3. Land's choice. The more concentrated the cyfoers is the more
aware it becomes of its existence. Finally it may grant a bloodline
to the unblooded "regent" and form the channel. With the creation
of the channel cyfoers forefeits the intelligence it posseses (But may
regain it when the channel with a regent is closed e.g. regent is
divested or dies) The land's choice is not usually influenced by
the alignment of a would-be-regent but by his ability to further
accumulate the power (thus enabling the cyfoers to grow).

- ------------------
Well, its only a small part of the whole "theory". I wrote much more
about it in Estonian (including rewording descriptions of several
domain actions (especially investiture) to better reflect the
nature of the cyfoers). I could send a copy to anyone who is
interested, although I think you would have a hard time trying to
understand it. ;) Anyway, if you have any opinions, ideas, or
questions on "the theory" I would be glad to hear them.


P.S. Unblooded regents. Well, it is possible to have holdings without
having bloodline. However, as Mark VanderMeulen suggested, such
regents would be in a great disadvantage:
- ---First they cannot use the cyfoers to influence the outcome of
their or their opponents' actions.
- ---Secondly the greater their power grows the more important it
becomes to understand the surrounding cyfoers (i.e. to have the

P.P.S. Investiture. (Concerning the question to what a regent is
attached.) The regent is connected either to the whole cyfoers of
a province (to the land) or to the cyfoers that has gathered around
a certain centre of power. As the cyfoers forms areas ("belongs" to
a ceratin region), it is impossible to move holdings from one
province to another.(RP's or cyfoers that has flown through the
channel moves with the regent, of course. After traversing the
channel, it loses specific properties of the area it originates and
can be used in any province.)

P.P.P.S. Guild and Source Holding investiture without the spell.
I agree with Mark that it isn't possible. Closing and opening
channels is beyond the abilities of the mortals - they need divine
guidance to do this. (Immortal elves can do it, for they are "natural
part" of Cerilia and thus able (through long meditation) to become
one with the land and thus influence cyfoers. It also means, that
elven investiture almost never contradicts "the land's choice".)

P.P.P.P.S. Unblooded elven mage casting a realm spell.
I agree that it is impossible. The main reason is that realm spells
affect large areas and thus it is essential to understand the
essence of cyfoers (which is impossible without a divine spark).