Those are the breaks; get over it. If it really bothers you, why don't you
dual class now? The first five levels of thief go by quick!


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> here's my problem; i'm a thief regent, but when i hit a suitable level (9
> or 10) i intend to dual-class to a wizard.
> now, i've got the requisite stats, and an IC reason for doing so, the
> problem i have is this: the moment i do it, i'll stop getting regency from
> my guild holdings.
> this is not good; as i'm unlikely to be able to get by on 7 regency a
> turn, and it'll be a while until i get to an equal wizard level. can
> anyone see a way around this?
> it's not an imminent problem, as i'm 5th level atm, but still it's
> annoying.
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> bad things happen for no reason, and without it begin anybody's
> fault. it's a tough life; stop complaining and deal with it."
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