I am going to do a bit of a rant and rave, so if you don't like it, skip to
the next message.

I have so far got the dismal amount of 14 votes. Of these, 8 are from SC
nominees, which leaves a huge 6 votes from others. Thankyou to those people
for spending 5 minutes of your time to read the election material and then
send me an email with 17 words in it (I am not being sarcastic, and yes, I
have counted). I know all the SC nominees will vote, so my comments are not
directed at them, but at the rest who have not yet (or do not plan to)

The vote as to which city the project would cover attracted almost 50
votes, so my question is this - where are all of these votes for the
Steering Committee? You were interested then; what has changed your mind?
It will require a whole 5 minutes of your time, so this is no excuse. There
is currently 36 hours before the voting is scheduled to end, so the time
difference is also no excuse for not voting. I therefore have to conclude
that the interest in this project has diminished. Why is this?? Is it
something I have done? Why have you not told me?

I sincerely hope that I am going to get home tonight and find my mailbox
flooded with votes, though I don't think this is going to happen. When this
project started a mailing list frenzy, there were around 50-100 people who
indicated their interest (yes, I have been through the archives and
counted). I am doing a lot of work myself (about 20 hours per week,
*minimum*), so I would appreciate if you could ALL spend a few minutes of
your precious time to send in your vote. The information is on the homepage
(see my sig).

This post can be considered a warning - without support this project will
fade into nothingness. And that support is pretty close to the border line
at the moment.

To those who have already voted, as well as all the steering committee
nominees, thankyou - this is NOT directed at you.

Thanks for listening. I apologise for having to do this on the list, and I
hope you all prove me very wrong. I look forward to an overflowing mailbox
and much flame mail - it will mean I am completely wrong :-)

happy voting,


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

E-mail: slg@nw.com.au or simong@mech.uwa.edu.au
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