The vote is coming along nicely, though responses are a little slower than
I anticipated (I only have about 15 at this stage). I just want to clarify
a small point in case it confused anyone. I did not mean to imply that
_only_ the SC nominees are eligible to vote. Of course what I meant to say
was that the SC nominees are ALSO eligible to vote. So to anyone who has
held back from voting, go dig up the post (or find the information at the
homepage and/or message board), read it and then send your vote in. I
particularly want to hear from those who wish to be a contributor to this
project (ie. not on the steering committee), because you will be the ones
who have to work with the nominees. So it is in your best interest to cast
your vote.

To clarify, EVERYONE who is interested in this project is eligible to vote.

Remember the DEADLINE - midnight, Friday 6th March, 1998, MY TIME (GMT +
0800 hrs; which means that I am at least half a day _ahead_ of most of

Some other (minor) points:

* If you have not yet 'signed up' for the project, please do so. The
relevant information is on the homepage and the message board. This
information will give us an idea of numbers and where everyone's interests

* If anyone else out there wishes to submit anything for the homepage (like
a submission, pictures, anything else you might think of), then you can
still send it in. All original work will be properly acknowledged to the

Now stop reading and go fill in your voting forms or you won't get any
dinner :-)