On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, James Ruhland wrote:
> (where "fun" means killing people & breaking things. . .)

Actually, knowing Rupert, it means threatening people, and taking their
possessions. Fun and profit are synonomous.

> N.B.: ships in a river encounter manuverability problems, especially if
> you're going to use them to bombard cities in sieges. Not saying it can't
> or shouldn't be done, though.

You'd be better off mounting catapults onto river barges or something.

> IMO the Maesil is prolly a almost mile wide till you get upriver (around
> Endier again), so manuvering in that part of the river should be ok.

The Imperial City probably controls access for ships to the Maesil.

(OTOH a few galleons could probably prevent troop transport across the
Maesil here. Troop transport by sea would be mre difficult to stop.)