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> on a related ainurean theme, how navigable is the river that flows
> the imperial city? could you get a galleon up to haes, for example?
IMO, and Darkstar has ruled in his PBeM game the same way, you could pilot
a Galleon up as far as Endier (where the Tuor river splits off from the
Maesil) but probably not farther than that (mainly for draft reasons, not
width reasons). A Caravel could sail up th Haes.

N.B.: ships in a river encounter manuverability problems, especially if
you're going to use them to bombard cities in sieges. Not saying it can't
or shouldn't be done, though.
IMO the Maesil is prolly a almost mile wide till you get upriver (around
Endier again), so manuvering in that part of the river should be ok.
Afterwards you've got to fear enemy artillery, especially if it's on both
banks, and tacking (oh, that's "turning" for you landlubbers) will be
dificult; especially since these ships are built for blue water sailing,
not river manuvering (all kinds of interesting obstacles in any river for
the unwarry, too.)