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    Taras Guarhoth

    [BIRTHRIGHT] -MORE Mage vs Wizard Pt. 2

    - ---"J. D. Lail" wrote:
    > 2) If a Magician becomes blooded later in life he becomes a Wizard.

    Not necessarily, the rules allow you to create a blooded magician.

    Taras Guarhoth

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    [BIRTHRIGHT] -MORE Mage vs Wizard Pt. 2

    since this is a fantasy setting and in reality a world where there is always a
    way to accomplish the bizarre. mayhaps the magian came in possession of
    services of a creature able to grant wishes, spent numerous years on plane of
    shadow or even died there, or was touched by Azrai himself.
    in the truest sense, ASK THE MAGIAN and if you live then tell the world.

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