Interesting. My GM was commenting about using the war sphere.
I┬┤ll pass them on to see how they work, and I┬┤ll comment when we use them.
But, also I┬┤m seeing that bey this way the Priest are a lot more powerful in
Battle than any othe character. How do you solve that a priest with the war
sphere and 16 or 17 wisdom score and a medium level 5 or 6 just enter the
battle and he alone can certainly decide the battle.

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>I don't know if it has been done already, but I've converted all priest
>spells from the War sphere for use with warcards. It seemed silly to me
>that only Illusory Artillery was included in the BR rules.
>So, here are the War spells from Tome of Magic and PO: Spells & Magic.
>Courage (L1)
> Target unit ignores next F or R result (but still takes a hit from R).
>Morale (L1)
> Target unit gets +1 or -1 to morale, as desired by the caster.
>Rally (L2)
> Target routed unit is allowed a morale check immediately, rather than
>having to wait until morale phase. Useful if you want to attack with the
>unit in the combat phase.
>Adaptation (L3)
> Target unit ignores all disadvantages of a specific terrain type, but it
>also loses its normal terrain advantages (such as elves getting bonuses in
>Caltrops (L3)
> Cast on one area either as a cavalry or infantry version. All units of
>the chosen type, friend or enemy, take one hit when passing through.
>Fortify (L3)
> Creates a fortification of level 2 in one area (use the warcard effects).
>Entrench (L4)
> As above, but fortification is level 4.
>Tanglefoot (L4)
> Enemy units entering the affected area must stop immediately.
>Disguise (L5)
> Cast before battle on a friendly unit. The unit will appear to be any
>other unit type (chosen by the caster), until it is engaged in melee. This
>spell does not change the unit's attributes, only appearance.
>Illusory Artillery (L5)
> Causes an F result for an enemy unit, as per official rules.
>Gravity Variation (L6)
> Either create a hill or cliff in the affected clear area, or destroy such
>terrain, replacing it with clear terrain.
>Illusory Fortification (L7)
> Friendly units in the back row can only be attacked by missiles or
>spells. Enemy units cannot enter the your back row (unless flying). Enemy
>units already there are not affected by this spell. The spell ends if your
>protected units make any attacks (but they can freely leave the back row
>and *then* make attacks).
>Shadow Engines (L7)
> Creates up to four illusory Artillerist units. They can fight normally,
>but disappear if engaged in melee.
>All spells last for the entire battle unless indicated otherwise.
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