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    Aleksei Andrievski

    Priest spells from War sphere


    I don't know if it has been done already, but I've converted all priest
    spells from the War sphere for use with warcards. It seemed silly to me
    that only Illusory Artillery was included in the BR rules.

    So, here are the War spells from Tome of Magic and PO: Spells & Magic.

    Courage (L1)
    Target unit ignores next F or R result (but still takes a hit from R).

    Morale (L1)
    Target unit gets +1 or -1 to morale, as desired by the caster.

    Rally (L2)
    Target routed unit is allowed a morale check immediately, rather than
    having to wait until morale phase. Useful if you want to attack with the
    unit in the combat phase.

    Adaptation (L3)
    Target unit ignores all disadvantages of a specific terrain type, but it
    also loses its normal terrain advantages (such as elves getting bonuses in

    Caltrops (L3)
    Cast on one area either as a cavalry or infantry version. All units of
    the chosen type, friend or enemy, take one hit when passing through.

    Fortify (L3)
    Creates a fortification of level 2 in one area (use the warcard effects).

    Entrench (L4)
    As above, but fortification is level 4.

    Tanglefoot (L4)
    Enemy units entering the affected area must stop immediately.

    Disguise (L5)
    Cast before battle on a friendly unit. The unit will appear to be any
    other unit type (chosen by the caster), until it is engaged in melee. This
    spell does not change the unit's attributes, only appearance.

    Illusory Artillery (L5)
    Causes an F result for an enemy unit, as per official rules.

    Gravity Variation (L6)
    Either create a hill or cliff in the affected clear area, or destroy such
    terrain, replacing it with clear terrain.

    Illusory Fortification (L7)
    Friendly units in the back row can only be attacked by missiles or
    spells. Enemy units cannot enter the your back row (unless flying). Enemy
    units already there are not affected by this spell. The spell ends if your
    protected units make any attacks (but they can freely leave the back row
    and *then* make attacks).

    Shadow Engines (L7)
    Creates up to four illusory Artillerist units. They can fight normally,
    but disappear if engaged in melee.

    All spells last for the entire battle unless indicated otherwise.


    ** **
    ** Aleksei Andrievski **
    ** **
    ** aka Solmyr, the Archmage **
    ** of the Azure Star **
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    Samuel Weiss

    Priest spells from War sphere

    >How do you solve that a priest with the war
    sphere and 16 or 17 wisdom score and a medium level 5 or 6 just enter the
    battle and he alone can certainly decide the battle.<

    Well first, only two priesthoods in BR have that sphere. Cuiraecen and
    For Belinik, they will invariably be countered by a similar priest on the
    other side. If not, guess that explains why all the Vos rulers listen to
    them, now don't it.
    For Cuiraecen, a little harder, but not overwhelming. You just have to make
    sure that the other side knows they are going to be showing up, and has all
    its war priests prepared with countering spells.
    Like most battles, it will come down ot proper intelligence beforehand.
    That and "Archers, when you see the guy with the Sword and Lightning bolt
    symbol, SHOOT HIM!"


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    rad smith

    Priest spells from War sphere

    > I like the new war shperes, as it certinly makes priest a lot more powerful,
    > but only in war card battles. REmember, it was only through the lavish use of
    > priestly magic that the humans nearly destoyed all of evlenkind. That feat
    > alone would have to give preist an increased ability on the battle field other
    > than going around and healing injured soldiers.

    in a battle we recently did, just the use of 'bless' on all our units
    turned the battle*. (we were medoere, so we had a lot of priests handy)

    *and a well timed wall of fog.

    - --

    "these people are going to have to realise that sometimes
    bad things happen for no reason, and without it begin anybody's
    fault. it's a tough life; stop complaining and deal with it."

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