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>> > Have fun with your abominations but remember that the PC's Should
>> > never be allowed to destroy them just keep them at bay.
>> I disagree with this completely. It's a major achievement for PCs to
>> destroy an Awnshegh, but it should always be possible, otherwise you're
>> preventing the PCs from ever achieving anything real.
>> [1] Which I can _just_ conceive as being possible for 12-13th level PCs.
>> They'd have to be very very lucky, and very good too.
>I snipped the pertinent parts of Neil's message out above...
>Birthright is (unlike some other campaign words) a dynamic setting. Things
>change. Kingdoms rise and fall. Great fortunes are made and lost. And foul
>Answeighlien are slain only for new ones to survive. Look in the Blood
>book, many of the poor souls tainted by the blood of Azrai have not been
>around that long. Many of them have no means of extended life, and will grow
>old and time. Things will change in your campaing, the boarders of
>kingdoms will shift. My non birthright campaign has a time frame of about
>2500 years during which players have played in different time periods.
>love seeing the effect of their own characters on a future time. A unique
>item can forge a temendous link characters of different times. Let
things change
>then show them that change can also be painful...heheh

I like the idea of campaigns following on from each other, so that with
your new characters you can get all proud when they see the accomplishments
of the previous ones. I'm currently playing a Star Wars campaign which
follows on from a previous one in which one character turned to the Dark
Side. In the current campaign he's so insanely powerful that the entire
goal of the campaign is to defeat him.

Stuff like this can easily be incorporated into BR. Characters getting
their Bloodlines corrupted by naughty bloodtheft, descendants of the
original PCs wanting revenge on The Gorgon/Spider/Their Mum for whatever
they did. "You dirty rat you killed my brother...." :-)