Hi everybody. I was wondering if there is anybody here who
is intrested in joining a birthright PBEM game. Its not a rulership
game, but just a normal AD&D game set in the world of Cerilia.

If you are intrested, simply make a character after reading the
below details and email it to me. If you have questions, also
email me. My email address is ' lore@tmgbbs.com '

Even if you dont want to play in the game, their will be something
for in the the post below as it explains abit about the campaign
concept and thus could be used for inspiration.



Siele was standing on the dock, looking over the ship. There was
blood in places, and you could see where the bodys of the men had
rotted for afew days before the ship was found and hauled to bay.

This was the third ship in as many weeks, and it simply had to
end. The word was beginning to spread, and if people thought that
she couldnt protect her ships, she would loose buisness. The
Spider River Traders had enough problems as it was, and didnt need
to worry about loosing long-time customers as well.

She walked up the plank, onto the deck of the small vessel. The
deck hadnt been washed yet, and the stench of death was strong. She
sighed, making a face. She could see the places where her men,
well-trained guards, had fallen. The dryed blood marked them well.
Once again, there werent any signs of whatever it was that had
attacked the ship, and the cargo was gone. Totally gone.

* * * A WEEK LATER * * *

"Donnovan," she called out. Things werent getting any better, another
ship had been lost despite her increasing the amount of guards on the
ship. "Donnovan!" she called out again, wondering where the pudgy
young man was, he should be slaving away in here somewhere.

"Yes, Mistress?" came the soft reply as Donnovan looked up from
the ledgers he was filling out. She turned, her face still upset
and worried. Her blood power was weakening, and if she didnt
solve this problem soon her bloodline would weaken again.

"I want the following placed in the usual places-- the innes, taverns,
gambling halls, and the offices of the magistrate." she said, her
voice low and somewhat reluctant. If this didnt work, she didnt
know what to do other than send yet more and more guards to their

Donnovan nodded, understanding what she meant well. He had been
asked to post do these things often enough, as the mistress was
always happy to post rewards for things she needed done.

"The group of heroes that can stop the attacks on my ships will
retrieve a reward of 500gp. They can come here, and talk to you,
for more information. Did you get that?" she asked.

He nodded, indicating that he did. "Yes, mistress. Is that all?"
he asked, abit worried. 500gp was alot of money, although the task
certainly seemed dangerous from what he had been told. He was
worried, however, about balancing the books with this additional
expense-- the trades guild wasnt in the best of times.

She nodded, hoping it was enough. She then asked Donnovan for the
figures for this month, and retired to her chambers to try to find
ways to make up for the losses she was facing here.


Characters are assumed to have known each other for some time, and
to have adventured together in the past. They wont all have to like
each other, and the actual 'connections' to one another will be
explained in the very first game turn.

All characters are allowed, except for regents. Scions are allowed,
but the bloodline will be rolled up by /me/, although you can pick
a derivation if you wish.

Commoner characters will be 3rd level, and Scions will be 2nd level.
Scions have the choice of either.
a) starting with normal money, plus free weapons/armor/horse
b) starting with normal money x3, plus a free horse
c) starting with normal money x4.

Scions roll 4d6 (drop lowest) for their stats. Commoners roll
3d6 for their stats. Commoners get the +10% to their experience
point earnings, and dont stick out as well. Also, due to the
fact that I already have two scions commoners are slightly
perferred for new characters. I will accept more Scions, if the
characters are good. Though if im tied between accepted two
characters, the commoner will win. Im expecting /roleplaying/, not

Multi-classed characters start with 2000xp in each class, or 1000xp
in each class if they split three ways.

Humans /may/ become dual-classed, but they will not start the
game out as such. Once your levels even out, you become multi-classed
as if you were a demi-human. (ie. if you dual class to a fighter as a
8th level wizard, once you reach 8th level as a fighter your a
multi-classed Fighter/Wizard and will increase slowly in /both/ classes)

All characters have to have a full, detailed background that
describes their life before coming to Roesone. You might want
to explain why they came to Roesone. Their doings in roesone
can include the line 'has been adventuring with a group of
friends you've made.'


Im not looking for many players, just afew, as I mostly have the
game filled up. The other players are--

A male brecht thief named Nathan. He is blooded, a minor line
of anduiras, and is originally from Elinie.

A female khinasi wizard named Alia bint Aziza. She is blooded,
a tainted line of basaia, and is originally from Khourane.

Questions are welcome, and can be emailed DIRECTLY to me. Please,
dont spam the list with character submissions or with questions.
Thank you for your time.

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