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    Domain Action Addition: Stat I

    I think that such a rule is rather - well, extreme.
    I'd rather not have an action with which player characters can improve their
    ability scores.

    See, while it IS reasonable (going to the gym will certainly increase your
    strength overtime) it rather fails in AD&D. Reason is, by having such an
    action, regents that have been on the throne for quite some time can come to
    have awesome scores.

    Our latest campaign went on for 13 years. During that time I remember more
    than one case where players were not really pressed to go into any action.
    During these moments, they may well have undertaken such actions. The
    result? Too powerful PCs.

    If you'd like to improve someone's scores, or if THEY want to, have them
    search for a mystical tome or a libram... they should ADVENTURE for it,
    since such an increase is no small thing...

    No matter how difficult or expensive the action you propose may be, I think
    it is still not a good idea.
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    From: Tim Nutting
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    Date: Sunday, March 01, 1998 15:27
    Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Domain Action Addition: Stat Increase

    >I recently adopted this for my current BR game and have had very little
    >problems, so I thought to post to the list.
    >This "sub-action" is attached to the Training Character Action.
    >Training - Increase an Ability
    >Type: Character
    >Success: Special
    >Base Cost: 1 GB
    >The character follows a special regimen of activities to increase one of
    >his six basic ability scores (i.e. Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.)
    > The exact actions are unimportant, but the character must remain
    >relatively undisturbed and cloistered for the vast majority of the month in
    >question. At the end of the month, the player rolls 1d20, comparing it to
    >her chosen ability score. Rolling higher than the existing score yields
    >success, and the character gains a 10% bonus to the ability. Thus a
    >character with an ability score of 16 now has an ability score of 16.10. A
    >roll of less than the ability in question yields failure and the waste of
    >resources. In all cases, the maximum attainable ability score for //all//
    >races is 18. This artificial limitation ensures the special wonder of
    >those unique individuals with the truly exceptional abilities. (Either
    >their born to it, or not.)
    >Note that in the case of Strength, no longer are warriors the only class to
    >access Exceptional Strength after character creation. If a wizard acquires
    >a Strength score of 18.20, then he uses the appropriate line the Strength
    >Table in the Player's Handbook. Also not that a character must succeed at
    >a total of 10 actions to appreciate any noticeable difference (with the
    >only exception being Strength above 18.)
    >The cost of this action is one gold bar to pay for the advice of "experts"
    >in the realm who //may// have the necessary information and insights that
    >allow the character to better his person. Sadistic DMs may desire to
    >increase the cost in proportion to the higher scores, and offer "promises"
    >of "guaranteed success." At the DM's option (only) the additional
    >expenditure of gold bars may increase the chance of success on a one for
    >one basis. Additionally for individual DMs to decide upon, four successive
    >failures in this action indicates that the character has reached his actual
    >attainable limit in the ability in question. This is so that DM's who
    >introduce this into their games have a possible and plausible method of
    >removing its influence.
    >Comments and input on this action are welcome, expected, and awaited!
    >Good Gaming all!
    >Tim Nutting
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    Domain Action Addition: Stat I

    Hello tim,

    Thank you for the new action, though I will be unable to use it in my PBeM
    game. There is just too much room for exploitation by unscrupulous gamers,
    and I can't police everyone all the time, ( though I am going to attempt to.)
    Thank you for the info


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    Domain Action Addition: Stat I

    At 12:36 AM 3/1/98 -0800, Tim Nutting(

    >At the DM's option (only) the additional
    >expenditure of gold bars may increase the chance of success on a one for
    >one basis.

    I like this, in fact it is such a good idea I'm going to find a way to work
    it into my non-BR games. Thanks for the idea. The only part I don't like
    was optional anyway. I snipped it above, I don't like the idea of the PC
    being able to pay to insure success. The body can't be bribed (at least not
    with gold) into something, and four additional guys yelling at you to "curl
    faster ya slackard!" isn't much of a help. 2000 gps should get you the best
    your kingdom has to offer for trainers (or teachers), and materials to work
    with. Well thats my only gripe, and as I said its a bit hollow as it was
    over an optional point, thanks again.

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    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
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    Brian Stoner

    Domain Action Addition: Stat I

    Although it isn't a domain action, I came up with a mechanic for increasing
    Ability stats a few months ago. Essentially, after earning 2 NWP slots, a
    character can spend them to increase one stat by one point instead of spending
    them on a proficiency. The character can NOT spend any of his/her initial slots,
    only earned ones. For more details, see I designed this for general ad&d use,
    not specifically Birthright. Perhaps a combination of Tim's domain action and my
    optional rule may work for those that see one or the other as a little to


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