I have just discovered a small error in my original mail, which has
resulted in a vote bouncing off my account. The relevant section is shown
below. If you use a mail client which automatically changes email addresses
or hyperlinks with a direct link (eg. MS Outlook and Outlook Express - I
don't use the others, so I can't say), then the link for the address will
be WRONG. The correct place to send your vote should be:


>To vote you should send an email to slg@nw.com.au,with the subject "OCP -
>SC Vote". In your email, you should include the following information:

You will notice that the original mail adds ",with" to the end of the
address, and then you will get it bouncing back at you. Sorry about that.


Simon Graindorge
Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

E-mail: slg@nw.com.au
Online City Project Homepage: