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    Question about the Knights of C

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    Simon Graindorge

    Question about the Knights of C

    > most people would consider trivial can turn end up being so important to
    > RPGs. Having good quality names available for NPCs has, for me, always
    > been a pain (Oh him, let's just call him George!). >>
    >Glad you found the recommendation useful!

    I have to say that some of the funniest moments in our games have come from
    the names the GM's make up for NPC's. The best ones are usually the
    unimportant ones, where the GM has tried to very quickly come up with a
    name so that players don't know the NPC is unimportant. I have one friend
    who gives almost every NPC at least 3 names, sometimes double-barrelled,
    hyphenated. He makes them all up on the spot, and they add *so* much to the
    game. Good NPC names make NPC's easy to remember and it makes them stick in
    your mind. A good tip for anyone out there is to quickly combine two (parts
    of) words from things you can see. For example, 'Monlass' (monitor and
    glass) is a great name for an NPC. Some NPC's from many years back are
    still talked about, and more importantly remembered, because they had great
    names. So if anyone wants a tip for GMing, read heaps (no one is going to
    stop you from stealing names for books for a gaming session), and make
    those NPC names mean something. As Bryan said, it seems so trivial, yet
    adds so much.

    just my thoughts,


    Simon Graindorge
    Coordinator, Birthright Online City Project

    Online City Project Homepage:

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    Question about the Knights of C

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