> I've never quite understood the modern English dislike of the Normans. Why,
> after all this time is it still considered some sort of conquest?- some sort of
> blot on English national honor? Modern English are Norman- and Angle, and
> Saxon, and etc. etc. Why not hate the Danes? The Danelaw had to be just as
> bad for the subjegated as the Norman held areas.

i don't think there is much antipathy against the normans, really. /i/
don't feel any particular dislike of them. after all; england has to the
most mixed-up hodgepodge of races anywhere. (why do you think we have such
a bizarre language?)

probably the reason the normans stand out is because of legends like robin
hood and ivanhoe; all of whom were 'britons' (whatever that means)
struggling against the nasty normans.

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don't you wave those bloody spears at me.