To the List,

After discussing it in great length with several gamers of mine I have decided
to go with a completely e-mail based game, and therefore inviting any and all
who feel that they can challenge the world and win!!! My goal is to
eventually, get enough interest to have almost every regent played by a PC.
Now that I'm done with my brief intro, here are all the important stuff.

Setting: Anuire in southern Cerillia
Time: Current according to RoE
Available characters: Almost any characters are availible, including a few
How to sign up:
Realm selection will be a first come, first Serve basis. What you will need
to establish your domain is:
Send and e-mail to, subject: Regent Selection
Real Name
E-mail address:
Character Name:
Race/ Class:
Realm/holding choices: list your three desired choices in desending

All current materials for BR are going to be used, with the exception of The
Book of Magecraft. Any infomation my be summitted for approval, but since I
don't own a copy I can't allow it's use. If any one has or knows where I
could find a copy, We could aviod this annoying restriction. Any comments/
advice is welcome.