To the List:

Hi all, I'm new to the list, yet I'm a fairly experianced gamers, and would
like to think I'm a decent GM. So, late one night, locked inside my
laboroatory, working on a new spell..., oh sorry, I'm getting off topic again.
In my insanity I have decided to run an e-mail/chat based Birthright Game.
Initially I want to have players through aol, because of their chat system,
yet If all goes well, In short order I will expand the invitation to any and
all who are interested. So, if anyone is interested, plese feel free to e-mail
me at: for more information.

" Oh that's right. You're the ones who live in caves and hoard gold. I
remember. Did you shave your beard?"
Dracon dimplomat to elven diplomat, just before the fighting started.