> * One of his ancestors was seduced by a traveling awnshegh, in disguise
> or through the use of the persuasion ability
> * One of his female ancestors escaped from the holding of the Gorgon or
> some other awnshegh carrying an unborn child
> If his mother had been seduced by some traveling awnshegh and
> impregnated, wouldn't his noble father have made every possible effort
> to hide his true bloodline? This being the case, he might easily have
> been accepted for religious training as the son of a nobleman. The PC
> himself might not be aware of his heritage...
> It's going to be interesting to see how long the character will remain a
> paladin while dealing with the taint of Azrai's blood. Once the
> transformation starts, he's in for a lot of torment and anguish, and
> don't think for minute that the Haelynites are going to follow an
> awnshegh leader. Talk about a schism...
> I'm not saying that great Azrai bloodlines should grow on trees, mind
> you, but with a little imagination the player and DM could come up with
> a background device to account for the heritage.
This is good stuff. I just said it was unlikely, not impossible. With some
rational like this that makes excellent story material, it certainly fits the
feel of the campaign world. I just didn't want a new player rolling on the
tables a saying "*rattle* ok, Az-ra-eye. hmmm ok *rattle* strength of great-
well, that must be good. *rattle* Well, ok. I like paladins so I'll be
a paladin of healyn."

Using the rare exception clause, the PC could be normal. Note however that
the offspring of most awnshegh (traveling or not) are monstrosities themselves.
Look at the Gorgons child in Iron Throne or the offspirng of the Hydra- icky.

If the DM is particulairly cruel the PC could be an awnshegh, but his bloodform
just hasn't maifested yet. This wouldn't be too fair to the player though IMO.
A player should know what she's in for before a plot like this is laid on them.


PS Will this spawn a series of travelling awnshegh jokes?

A travelling awnshegh's car breaks down and he goes to a nearby farmhouse.
"Hey Pal can I use your phone?"
"Sure" says the farmer "But you'll have to meet my three daughters first"....