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> Is it just coincidence that the Anuirean regents have names which
> sound
> like slightly warped Essex names -
If you think thats bad look at the names of the Sirens assistants such
as Radnor, Hanley, Cannock, Birkenhead etc. These are all well known
English (and Welsh) place names, it looks like someone got them straight
out of an atlas

Randax sez:

Could have fooled me. These placenames aren't well known in the States. The
author may have counted on this. It's fair. Stillwater, Winona, and Blaine
are all well known place names where I live. Outside this area, I don't think
many would notice if I used them as part of a name.

I've never quite understood the modern English dislike of the Normans. Why,
after all this time is it still considered some sort of conquest?- some sort of
blot on English national honor? Modern English are Norman- and Angle, and
Saxon, and etc. etc. Why not hate the Danes? The Danelaw had to be just as
bad for the subjegated as the Norman held areas.

Anyway, I have to agree that Anuirean peasents are a happier lot than RW serfs.
Their opinion matters and they're free. Definately some Mallory for the noble
heros. I was only thinking warrior/nobility when I considered the Normans.
Tough, aggresive, scheming and backstabbing (Tancred anyone?) come to mind
for me when I think of Norman nobles. The same adjectives often describe
Anuirean nobles. Admittedly, I was thinking more of the "southern" Normans and
their exploits in Italy and Syria than Bill the Pill and England.