This is some IMPORTANT information to anyone who is interested in being on
the steering committee.

To remind you:

***********************// IMPORTANT //*************************

The submission deadline for steering committee nomination is midnight,
Thursday, 26th February (my time - I am at GMT + 0800 hrs). Email directly
to me (either address)

***********************// IMPORTANT //*************************

All those people who have inicated to me by private email that they are
interested in being a member of the SC, should (by now) have received a
private email telling you the relevant information. If you have not
received it, or now wish to nominate yourself, mail me ASAP (at so I can send you the information. I have only
received replies from some people. I have not checked my other mailbox
(, so if you sent it there I haven't got to it yet. If you
are no longer interested, then please let me know so I am not waiting for a
statement from you. If you cannot make the deadline but are defintely
interested, then drop me a short email and I will change the deadline so
no-one misses out.

Some other stuff:

The homepage has been updated with some submissions from a few people, so
go have a look and let me know what you think. I would like to see one
submission on each page (ie. front page, then one on each group page) if
possible. Like I said it does not have to be much, and is something for you
all to have a think about while the steering committee is getting
organised. Also, it is good to see quite a bit of discussion on the message
board as of the last few days. If you haven't been there lately, there are
some interesting points being brought up. Don't forget to fill in your name
and email address (if you want to) on the form!

Be patient people, things are really starting to move now, and the project
is really starting to take shape.

Your elected representative (wait, that sounds too much like politician),