I would have to agree here, Diemed is in the stranglehold of the OIT. A
paladin dedicated to that temple would be keenly interested in restoring
Medoere, Rosoene and Illien to the Duchy of Diemed.

Run the pesky followers of Rournil out Medoere, rein in those errant
followers of the IHH in Rosoene and Illien, and restore the glory of the
Duchy of Diemed AND the Orthodox Imperial Temple.
Matt Speer
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Project Specialist

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> How did you finagle Diemed anyway? It's "not recommended for
> Not that it wouldn't be interesting to play, but it was my
> that it was meant primarily as an antagonist for Medoere and,
to a
> lesser extent, Roesone. Also, how do you reconcile playing a
> with running Diemed, which has a history of military

I've always (well, in the last few years anyway) seen paladins,
particularly paladins of gods like Haelyn, as very
"old-testament" type
christian crusaders, minus the raping and babykilling and greed.
Other people from my roleplaying club share this view. One, in
played a few paladins why were teetering on the brink of falling
lawful neutral.

In fact, I'd probably have trouble reconciling a paladin
character with a
NON-agressive country!