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> How did you finagle Diemed anyway? It's "not recommended for players".
> Not that it wouldn't be interesting to play, but it was my understanding
> that it was meant primarily as an antagonist for Medoere and, to a
> lesser extent, Roesone. Also, how do you reconcile playing a Paladin
> with running Diemed, which has a history of military aggression?

I've always (well, in the last few years anyway) seen paladins,
particularly paladins of gods like Haelyn, as very "old-testament" type
christian crusaders, minus the raping and babykilling and greed.
Other people from my roleplaying club share this view. One, in particular,
played a few paladins why were teetering on the brink of falling into
lawful neutral.

In fact, I'd probably have trouble reconciling a paladin character with a
NON-agressive country!

> Landed priest and paladin regents can be extremely powerful, since they
> collect regency and gold bars from both law and temple holdings. If I
> were your DM, I would make darned sure that you had no chance to get
> temple holdings without a massive effort on your part. No doubt Avanil
> will greatly resent any effort you make to expand in both areas at once.
> If you're planning to take over existing temple holdings, you may find
> yourself denied your throne altogether because the priests of Haelyn
> could refuse to crown you unless you promise to divest yourself of all
> temple holdings...
> You're going to need several capable lieutenants as well, since three
> actions per domain turn barely cuts if for one type of holding.
> My advice: Make a lasting peace with Medoere and/or Roesone extra pronto
> quick, since Avanil is likely to become very upset with you....of
> course, Avanil would surely offer Medoere one or even two of your
> provinces (plus significant temple holdings) if Medoere were to help
> remove you from the map. Duene and Tier would make excellent additions
> to Medoere. And don't forget that Boeruine would also resent your
> rapidly growing power, not to mention Ghoere.
> Jonathan
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