Something that has been bothering me for sometime is the existance
of the Magian. This mage becomes a Lich using only the spells of
that class. Assuming Blood Enemies is correct he came to Cerilia
Unblooded. To reiterate, in order to cast the spells needed to become
a Lich he should be blooded, he wasn't, big contradiction, how did he
do it ?

The only way I can think of is by an application of spell level
alteration rules. (See Jan 98 Dragon Magazine *) Spell levels can be
lowered by; (1) Use of more expensive/rare material componets.
(2) Significantly longer casting times.
(3) Reduction of Range, Area Of Effect, Duration, or Saving
If however you have another way to go Lich for The Magian and his merry
band of cuthroats I am open to suggestions. :)

Here's an example of spell level lowering ; a Mage (NaW) researches a
fireball that has a Negates saving throw instead of 1/2 damage. This is
no longer a 3rd level spell. It is IMO 2nd. :(

I have always assumed that cutting off all but illusion and divination
spells at 2nd level was done to give the mage some "real magic" but
not anything that was really dangerous. If this is not the case please
correct me.


* I am very supportive of these "rules" since they duplicate almost exactly
my rules on the same subject done 16 years ago.