To everyone:

The nominations for the steering committee have started, and I am getting
responses in. I am hoping to get the information out to the list by the
weekend (my time). At this stage, assuming the above happens, I am looking
at a timetable along these lines:

* before this weekend - get information on nominees, voting procedure out
to the list
* middle to end of the following week (beginning 2/3) - close voting
* before that weekend (7-8/3) - announce the committee so that they have
the weekend to work on anything they need/want to.

So seeing as the elections are proceeding soon, and the groups are getting
close to being set up properly, some discussions can be started about
anything you want. Feel free to use the message board for this purpose
( Some small
amount of discussion has already started there regarding non-humans in the
Imperial City. It might also be a good place to voice your opinion on
design guidelines (not rigid rules) while all this elections stuff is going

I have now received some good submissions for the Homepage (thankyou to all
- - they will all be properly acknowledged), which I have passed on to
Darkstar. He is having some problems with his computer, so it may be a
while before you see them up.

As always, feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss any
apsect of this project.

To the SC nominees:

Allright, I am getting some nominations starting to come in now from those
who received my mail. So far, everyone seems happy with my first proposal
for the election procedures. If you have a better idea, then let me know
ASAP (your nomination 'form' can wait a few days) so that I can get
everything out to the list by the weekend. A couple of people have raised
the issue of what happens to those who miss out. Remember that there are
still about 6 positions available in the Miscellaneous group, which will
probably carry much the same responsibilities as the SC positions. The
elected SC member may have other ideas, but unless they don't sleep, work
or have a social life, they will more than likely need people to fill these
positions (or somthing similar).

I will be moving house this weekend, so am likely to be out of touch for a
few days at least. For this reason (if possible) I want to get the
information out to the list before the weekend, so i can let the votes
accumulate in my mailbox over the weekend. For this reason I am applying
the following deadline (see below) for receiving nominations.

***** IMPORTANT *****

The following DEADLINE FOR STEERING COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS is being put in place:

Midnight, Thursday 16th February, 1998

To clarify, All nominations must be received by midnight (my time)
Thursday, 26th February. For your information, I am in Perth, which is at
GMT + 0800 hrs. In other words you have approximately 60 hours to get your
nominations to me. If you have a problem with this, then let me know ASAP
and I can do something about it. I realise this is a little sudden, and I
don't want anyone to miss out. If something happens that requires me to
inform you of something (like a change in the election procedure), then
this deadline may change. You will hear from me personally if this happens.

Thanks for your attention,