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    I'm planning a game in the Island States and was wondering if anyone has more detailed material for this region? I'm going to be making a Player's Secrets of the Serpent's Isle type thing, but I'd like any ideas.

    For those of you who are wondering, my game is going to be a mini-campaign starting with high-level (14ish) charachters. The first session will be a prequel of sorts where they are all 1st level and they come together and start on a career of awnsheglien hunting. Then we'll fast forward to 14th level, where the charachters are famed for thier achievements in ridding the world of evil. A small group of Maesitians and priests of Nesire will pressure the group into hunting down the Serpent to free his enslaved populace and set up a Maestian state. The real kicker is that another major awnsheglien is helping the PCs (the Magian perhaps) get rid of some competiton. Thier levels will depend on how many players I get, but they should barely be able to defeat the Serpent. There will, of course, be a lot of puzzles, roleplaying, and fighting to actually get to the Serpent (and defeat his military). If you've got any good ideas revolving around those specifics, let me know too.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Andy Olesen

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    Blood Enemies has a fairly detailed description of the serpant and his little domain, and I believe that legends of the hero kings has a Serpant's Isle/Masetian adventure.

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