Aerenwe: Foregathering of the Erbannien
Beginning on the first full moon after the Day of Rebirth
Located in Shadowgreen at the circle of standing stones
This festival mostly resembles the events described in the
Complete Ranger's Handbook on p. 118, as most attendees are rangers
of the Erbannien. This festival centers on the concerns of the
protectors of this great forest. Local priests of Erik and Ruornil
attend, as do bards who celebrate the beauty of the Erbannien,
honor the ethos of its protectors, and recount the chronicles of
certain famous rangers of long ago. The festival is known for its
feasting, hunting, market, archery, woodworking, and wrestling.
There is always good fellowship and revelry.

Medoere: High Festival of the Autumn Moon
Calculated according to a complicated lunar calendar, it falls on
the first full moon immediately before of shortly after the Veneration
of the Sleeping.
Located in Caerwil on the grounds of the Temple of the Sacred Moon
Celebrated principally by the priests of Ruornil, this outdoor
festival nevertheless attracts rangers and bards as well as mages,
astronomers, and the occasional priest of Erik. The connection
between magic and the land is central to this festival, which is
probably the most staid. Philosophical discussions, meditation,
night-time observations, and recited lore are featured most. There
are no competitions, but a moonlit feast is held.

Mhoried: Midsummer's Day
Begins officially five days before Midsummer's, ending the day after,
but some (rangers esp.) arrive early.
Located in Dhalsiel, on the River Maesil
The origins of this festival are lost, but it seems to be an
amalgam of two events- the ritual collection of mistletoe, holly,
&c, and the sacred athletic competition of Erik's rangers.
Participants include priests of Erik, rangers, and bards. Few
others have any interest. The festival starts with a great hunt
and feat, followed by several days of competition, including several
distances of footrace, jumping, archery, horse racing, a long run
with archery, and wrestling. Another feast follows the conclusion
of the games at which the bards entertain with songs and poems
celebrating the victors. To have bards disperse to the various
realms of Anuire singing songs of your athletic prowess is a great
and reverent honor for the rangers. The day of Midsummer's Day is
entirely given over to solemn prayer, meditation, and thanksgiving.
All remain serene until the evening feasting (left over from the day
before) when the mood becomes one of pious celebration. During the
night, the druids gather their sacred materials.

Boeruine: The Secluded Winter's Equinox
This three day festival ends on the Winter Equinox.
Located in Calant, this festival is grudgingly overlooked by
The Northern Imperial Temple, and ignored by most followers of
This holiday is a festival of lights, celebrating the return of
longer days, the victory of good over evil, and hoped for prosperity.
Once again, rangers, druids, and bards comprise the majority of the
attendees at this festival, although some knights and priests of
Cuiraecen disposed toward the land attend, as do priests of Ruornil
and Sera. In the center of a circle of standing stones, a great
earthen heart is filled with dead wood and windfall to create a great
bonfire which lasts for three days. The ash from the fire is considered
sacred and magical and is prized by priestly attendees
for use in spells like Bless Land, Dispel Realm Magic, Protection
from Realm Magic, and other esoteric uses. There is generally enough
ash for every priest to cast one realm spell or five or six regular

Other festivals are known to take place in Riveside, in Dhoesone;
Bjarkheim, in Hogunmark, and in Treucht. Anyone wishing to describe
these or other festivals should do so.

Note that these festivals are unique events, and are not intended
to replace the festivals described to take place in localities
throughout Cerilia.

Kenneth Gauck