Well, hopefully by now people have put their name down to join the Online
City Project. If you have not yet put your name down yet and you want to be
a part of this project, then follow the instructions below. This is
primarily to see where everyone's interests lie, and an indication of how
many people are willing to be a contributor. So if you want to be a part of
this (I am not talking just about being on the steering committee, but an
ordinary contributor), go ahead and 'sign up'.

Send an email to dukediem@geocities.com, with the subject line "OCP -
Contributor Information". You should include the following information in
the BODY of your email:
- - Name
- - Email address(es)
- - Which group(s) you are interested in being a member of, as per the
organisation system shown above. You should include as many choices as you
like, and indicate their order of preference (if any). If you really have
no objection being in any group, then please indicate this.
- - Indicate whether you have nominated as a member of the steering committee.

I am planning to conduct the elections for the steering committee this
week, because things seem to have slowed down a lot lately. I am hoping for
about mid-week, but it will more likely be later in the week. For this
reason, if you have not yet nominated for a steering committee, then do so
as soon as possible (by mailing me), and I will send you the relevant
information. Once this is out of the way, the work can really begin in
earnest. Anyone who has indicated to me that they want to be a part of the
steering committee (including those who were only 'possibles') should have
received a separate email by now outlining more details. If you have not
received this, or you are now interested in being on the steering
committee, then contact me and I will send it to you. For your information,
there are currently 11 candidates (including 'possibles') for the 5
positions (there will only be one SC member for the Other group).

I am going to suggest that we leave the organisation of each design group
up to the individual steering committee members. I think it is clear that
each person has their own ideas, and as Kevin M said "Different design
groups are going to have different needs. The more complex the topic, the
more structured the group will have to be."

I do not want to have to take any executive decisions, but the complete
lack of feedback may well force me into such a position. Only a small
handful of people have given me the feedback that I need. You all know who
you are, and I thank to say thank you very, very much - I really appreciate
that you have bothered to take the time to do so, and your very
constructive comments (especially those from the 'loyal opposition' :-) )
and suggestions have been a great help. I am not kidding when I refer to
the comments from my 'loyal opposition' - it is those comments that tell me
why you *don't* like something which are often the most help. I have
received practically no other feedback. So if you do not like what I am
doing, then you should ask yourself why you have not yet told me so. I have
asked for comments and suggestions in all of my posts, and I think that I
have made it quite clear that I want - no, *need* - to know what everyone
thinks. In fact, I am going to say right now that without feedback this
project is going to fall flat on it's face. The only alternative is that I
start making decisions for everyone, and I have repeatedly stated that I am
NOT going to do this. Well, I am going to leave my little rant there and
sit back and wait for all your flames...er...feedback to arrive ;-)

Thanks people,