> Isn't adventuring supposed to be the main way to get levels?or does
> someone know a better way? can someone please help me, I am
> new at DMing... =)

Well, keep reading and I'm sure you'll get an eyefull. The arguments
aren't ever going to be done flying here :)

AD&D evolved during a time in role-playing when the big "fun" thing was to
gather a bunch of people together and go crashing through a dungeon complex
populated by hordes of evil monsteres. To advance in levels, characters
were awared experience points based on how tough the monsters were (down to
the hit point). So from the 70s you have a game system devoted to hack and
slash, at least as it is presented.

As gaming evolved and survived (thank God) through the years of accusations
of Satanic pactices and cult memberships the whole concept of role-playing
began to change. Some people were on top of it from the start and were
releasing games that didn't award a person in the least for killing things.

Now the trend in games is for total immersion and character interaction and
all of that, so much more than just going down in the dungeon. We've wound
up with a whole society of gamers with hundres of thousands of different
viewpoints on what an adventure is and what roleplaying is, so the only
hard answer to your question is that you have to answer it yourself.

As the game is presented, your players will get xp for killing monsters and
getting treasure. Read the section in your DMG thoroughly and decide how
you want to do it, and then listen to your players. If they complain
because all they do is go kill monsters, then you have a challenge in
creating a world where role-play is important. Birthright is beautiful
here because it is allready a very rich world, and whole months of game
play can pass without anyone raising a hand against anyone else, at least

On the other hand, BR can host some of the grandest wars and fields of mass
destruction that I've seen in any campaign.

Your next step is to realize that this whole campaign that you are running
is yours. None of my rules may apply in the least, and just because I (or
anyone else here on the list) do/does something, you do not have to do the