> To drag out an old cliche - it's the players and DM who determine the
> quality of the roleplaying in a game, rather than the game itself [1].
> I've seen Hackenslash players munch their way through Vampire in exactly
> the same way they do in AD&D. The best roleplaying I've seen has been in
> AD&D.

Absolutely right there. Apologies if it seemed I was asserting any kind of
system superiority (I was - didn't realize it). I allowed a bit of
internal anger to spill out and didn't edit it out before I posted to the
list, so if I stepped on feelings... sorry.

My experience in those [Storyteller] games really left me with a new
understanding of role-play, especially after some of the live-action
sessions. These were the first games I played where it really mattered
//who// your character was, and just //what// his or her motivation was.
Despite having a very free architecture in their system, the entire
ensemble of the WW games is entirely too oppressive for continued and long
term play, thus I am back to the good old classic that I was just raving
about. I can only wander about as a blood sucking corpse for so long. ;)

And like you, the best RP I've ever seen or been involved with was in AD&D.

Just watch out for those losers who try and be a smart ass when asked for
"what does your alignment mean?". Some joker handed me a verbatim copy of
Lawful Good from the PH.... I didn't catch it for two sessions. sheesh.

By the wayside: Violence is neat!! Wanna go kill some monsters with me?!

Just kidding :)

Tim Nutting