>OK, I guess there's some feedback for you. Don't mean to be negative here,
>and I hope I haven't stepped on anyone's toes. Its all my opinion of course,
>and you may or may not agree with me. But, hey, you asked! =)
>Kevin M.
>"Life would be much simpler...if only it wasn't so complex."


You are not being negative, but your comments are constructive - they
explain what you like and don't like, and, more importantly, *why*. People,
this is EXACTLY the sort of feedback and discussion (criticism) I need to
do my job. I liken it to proof-reading your own work. You know what you
wrote, so you don't stop absorb it and notice all the mistakes. When
someone else reads it they say "what about XXX", you suddenly think "Oh, I
didn't realise I had done that/it came across like that".

I want to say, yet again, that I am NOT the dictator in this project - you
people are. But without this sort of feedback I can't make informed
decisions. I have tried to present the ideas that have been given to me by
others to the group as a whole, giving *my* opinions on them in the

Please, keep this sort of info (see Kevin's reply to my post) coming. I
will post a reply to Kevin's points separately.

Thanks again Kevin. Hopefully you have started some amount of discussion on