On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Tim Nutting wrote:
> Experience for being a regent has arisen on the list before and everyone
> came away with their minds still set on their own decisions (for the most
> part) In my games I award people 50xp every time I think they did
> something truly in character and a general award of 50xp * character level
> per game session if they played their characters.

I give (in BR only) players a hundred xp for turning up to a session -
this rewards players for making an effort, even if they spend the
session doing only regent stuff, rather than adventuring. I don't give
xp for domain stuff, and tend to try and give it for roleplaying as well
as combat.

> I also require a full
> character write up including a variant of the Storyteller preludes (White
> Wolf game studios) and a history including family back through the
> grandparents. Yes, it is a helluva lot of work, but it provides some of
> the most in depth character's I've ever played with.

I give xp to players who make the effort to come up with these things
(few bother :( ), and also give xp for keeping character diaries and
logs - 100 xp for a log, 200 for a diary, each session.

> If we're going to trade blows about "real role-playing" - again.......
> then try some of the Storyteller games and come back to the table.

To drag out an old cliche - it's the players and DM who determine the
quality of the roleplaying in a game, rather than the game itself [1].
I've seen Hackenslash players munch their way through Vampire in exactly
the same way they do in AD&D. The best roleplaying I've seen has been in

[1] I'd qualify this with the statement that a strong setting, with a
strong recurring cast of NPCs really helps. That's one of the strengths
of BR, that the game lends itself to that style of play. As do Amber
DRPG, Vampire & Ars Magica.

> I play these games to escape reality after a week of the never ending BS.
> Sometimes I just want to go kick some humanoind butt. It doesn't matter if
> I play AD&D, Vampire, Star Wars, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Rolemaster, or even
> Tunnels and Trolls, if there's going to be some hack and slash, it happens.

Violence is good. Violence is cathartic. Violence is your friend. :)