Randall W. Porter@6550 wrote:
> I'd agree that this artifact is too powerful for a BR campaign. With items like
> this and the awnshegh and kingdoms created for "down under", I'd say it looks
> pretty Forgotten Realmsish. Now that's fine if that's what one wants, but it's
> not for me. The Anduria that's been developed is certainly well done. The
> hard work put into it shows through. It's just too powerful vs Cerilia.

When I created it I used the info for the State Crown of Anuire from the
BoM and altered it to make a similar artifact for Aduria.
As for Aduria being Forgotten Realmsish remember that True Magic is very
limited down there due to the lack of blooded scions. In fact there
would probably be less than 100 true mages, which is less even than
Cerilia (And not all of those mages would be human either).

> In Greatheart, the Crown of Shadows is in the possession of a lich Lord of the
> Shadowworld. A toned down version of this artifact would be great for "my"
> vision of Cerilia.
> BTW, one of the funniest moments in Greatheart involves the Crown.
> "uh- excuse me m'lord, but you're standing in my light."

I havn't read Greatheart so I didn't known it had something called the
Crown of Shadows in it too. This artifact is a completely different one.

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