On Sunday, February 15, Dragon wrote:

> >>Something what I would like to se in Cerilia would be unintelligent
- -- snip --

> I for one would not like to see them in
> Cerilia. I think they would detract from the rarity and mystery of true
> dragons, which, for me, is one of the best aspects of Cerilia (I dislike
> worlds where dragons seem to be more common than the average giant rat
> (old Dragonlance was like this, where PC's were fighting dragons at 4th
> and 5th level in the first module of the Dragonlance series and
> Forgotten Realms is getting to be the same way).

I do agree that dragons should not be common, and my intention wasn't to
add something which looked like dragons in great numbers. The death
(murder) of one of the handful dragons in Cerillia would shake it alot
even if the dragon has no influence on the world. The false dragons
be a kind of shield for the true dragons.
The number of false dragons should be low, but somewhat higher than true
dragons, otherwise people would learn to see the difference between the
two kinds of dragons. So when the hasty groupe of adventurers enters a
lair, they will not be sure what klind of dragon lives there (this in
they would belive in those stories about true dragons).

Somtimes there happens that dragons are used as mounts, I don't think
an intelligent dragon would fall that deep that he/she would let someone
use him/her as an "simple" mount. Here a unintelligent/false dragons
fit (I don't mean that there should be airborn cavalery riding false
dragons, but maybe a lone dragon rider in a century or two).

IMO the false dragon would make the true dragon as musterious as
makes true mages. You get the wrong picture about the original being by
watching the copy and you will wonder, how the hell did that other
manage to eat that city when thisone don't eat more than one village per

> For me, a true dragon
> is simply the greatest opponent PCs can face (well, in terms of a
> physical conflict anyway).
I agree that dragons should be one of the greatest opponents which any
group of PC's can face (not only physical conflicts).