Just after I hit the 'send' button on my sign-up message yesterday, I
realised there would be queries from people who had already nominated for
the steering committee. So, here is some clarification:

EVERYONE should send their info along to the address mentioned in my
previous post. That includes anybody who nominated for the SC (indicate
this in the body of your mail), and also anyone who previously mailed me
with such requests. Basically, EVERYONE should sign-up.

There is now a submission flowchart on the homepage. I am not very good at
that sort of thing, but it should provide a basic idea of how things will
go. Now some comments on some of the other posts:

Kevin Moss said:
>1) I recommend we add a sub-category to the OTHER group, namely "Monsters and
>Awnsheghlien", since it seems likely that people will be coming up with lots
>of nasties lurking about the city (like one I'm currently working on for the
>sewers...). These beasties always make good adventure hooks for this type of
>resource. And speaking of which, does anyone think we need a sub-category
>"Adventure Hooks", or will these be built in to the individual areas by the
>contributors? Just a thought.

Okay, it has not really been clarified or made clear in any of my posts,
but the OTHER group is also a group in and of itself. The major thing that
it will cover will be important NPC's (whether they be human, demi-human,
monster or awnsheglien). In addition, anything that doesn't really fit
anywhere will go in here. Alternatively, it would be possible to create
another sub-category which handles all the miscellaneous stuff (including
all the NPC's). The advantage of this is that the SC representative of the
OTHER group has to oversee 5 sub-groups. If they also have to run a design
team themselves, then the workload might get huge. If, on the other hand,
the SC member of the OTHER group is just simply in charge of overseeing the
work of their sub-groups (I guess there will have to be some sort of
'deputy' appointed to each sub-group) their workload would return to a
normal level.

ADVENTURE HOOKS subcategory. hmmmm, hadn't considered that. Someone
mentioned that we should build adventure hooks into this project, but
nothing more was really said about it. There are, in my opinion, three

* the adventure hooks are built into each of the designs by the design
group, after the design is finalised.

* after the project is finished, we all work on adventure hooks.

* a separate group (or sub-category of the OTHER group) is formed to do
this. They would supply the adventure hooks after the design is finalised.

The first is quite a good solution, since the designers are already quite
familiar with their design (ie. NPC motivations...etc), allowing them to
easily evaluate the adventure hooks. The second could get quite chaotic,
but would allow everyone an input. The third makes quite a bit of sense.
The group would not need to be large, as we are only talking adventure
hooks, not adventure modules. What does everyone else think?

>2) My first area of interest is in the LAW/GOVERNMENT area (the Imperial
>Heralds being my "pet project") but I was wondering if its possible to "free
>lance" and contribute ideas to other areas if I happen to get inspired? This
>may have been mentioned in one of the lengthy posts, but I can't remember if a
>definitive decision has been made.

I don't think the structure lends itself to free roaming very well, if that
is what you mean. But, to take the Heralds as an example. Let's say you
worked as part of the GUILDS group. Since the Imperial Heralds are your pet
project (like the Imperial Theatre was soembody elses), you would want to
work in the LAW section. I don't see any reason why people can't switch
groups to work on their 'pet' projects (think of it as consulting). BUT,
people cannot just switch around at will, as this will end up with 75% of
people in the Magic group.

>All in all I think the structure is shaping up nicely, and I like the new look
>to the web page too. Well done, Simon and Darkstar!

Thankyou very much.

Jamey said:
>>OTHER - split into 5 sub-groups:
>I think noble houses should be added to this as a sub-group. There are
>many rich/influential people who don't use magic, don't run a business and
>don't rule a nation but have either title or land, have retired, etc. The
>vampire I was talking about would probably fit in this category.

yes, a good point. Nobles and other powerful people could easily fit into
the OTHER category (or sub-category) as I described above as NPC's. The
vampire you described would also fit into this nicely.

>Recognizing volunteers is the best way to get more work done than you ever
>expected. EXCELLENT idea!

The position was not so much for volunteers who have contributed, but for
people who may wish to be part of the steering committee, but have too many
other commitments and not enought time to do so. It's kind-of hard to
explain, but like I said, the number of honorary members would be kept to 3
(or so) at the most.

Thanks for the comments people, keep them coming.