Hi all,
I have to agree with Dragon, here. Cerilia is, IMHO, not the place for
this kind of thing. A Council of Wyrms campaign, a Dragonlance campaign,
and any number of Home-brewed worlds are appropriate places for such an
addition, but I think it would be most inappropriate for Cerilia, where the
focus is less on Dragons-and-their-related-beasties and more on the echoes
of divinity in the Regents.


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> >Trizt wrote:
> >>Something what I would like to se in Cerilia would be unintelligent
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> Leaving the question of whether or not such creatures are missing in
> AD&D in general alone for now, I for one would not like to see them in
> Cerilia. I think they would detract from the rarity and mystery of true
> dragons, which, for me, is one of the best aspects of Cerilia (I dislike
> worlds where dragons seem to be more common than the average giant rat
> (old Dragonlance was like this, where PC's were fighting dragons at 4th
> and 5th level in the first module of the Dragonlance series and
> Forgotten Realms is getting to be the same way). For me, a true dragon
> is simply the greatest opponent PCs can face (well, in terms of a
> physical conflict anyway).
> Dragon
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