Sorry to everyone about the last post - I forgot to put the subject line
in, and my mail program doesn't warn me about this.

Okay, I think we should all thank Joran Lindblom, who has kindly
volunteered to collate the information of anyone who wants to be part of
this project. So, if you want to be a contributor/designer for this
project, then here are the instructions:

Send off an email to with the subject line ""OCP -
Contributor Information". You should include the following information in
the BODY of your email:

- Name (& alias if you use one)
- email address(es)
- Which group(s) you are interested in being a member of, as per the
revised organisation system (ie. both magic groups combined) which is up at
the homepage. You should include as many choices as you like, and
indicate their order of preference (if any). Also, if you really have no
objection being in any group, then please indicate this.

So, get to it and sign up for the online city project.