Well, the Online City Project has undergone some updates over the weekend.

I think that the organisation system for design groups is pretty well
formalised for now. The design groups will be as follows:

MAGIC - both the wizardly and source combined
OTHER - split into 5 sub-groups:
- Historical Sites
- Accommodation
- Cultural
- Public Works
- Non-human Quarters

Something was suggested to me over the weekend by Mark VanderMeulen, which
I think is a really good idea. I have pasted what he said to me below:

> Perhaps one member [of the combined magic group] could be
> designated as "Wizardry Advisor" and their e-mail address
> posted to the group at large. This person would then be the
> liaison between the group and other groups for questions
> like "we want a 5th level magician as a member of the
> Imperial Theatrical Troupe, is that OK?"

This would mean one person could keep track of the magician and true mage
NPC's in the city to ensure the magic (spell-casting type) level is kept
where we want it. This will also reduce the workload of the Magic group
steering committee representative. This person should be an integral part
of the Magic design group, involved in those designs as well. In addition,
due to the continuity that would be required of the position, the person
would not be able to change groups.

There has not been a lot of feedback regarding the project structure that I
posted to the list. I have had comments from a few people (as well as one
or two list posts) which have been positive about the structure, but not
much else. If you have anything to say about it, make sure your voice is
heard. You can post to either the list (if your points are going to be
interesting to others, or spark some discussions), or me (if you just want
to say "I like/hate it"). I want to remind everyone that I am NOT the
dictator, but I need feedback (positive and negative) so I know that what I
am doing is what the whole group wants.

Some updates should appear on the web-page soon, including some graphic
images of the proposed organisation structure and the make-up of the
steering committee. In addition, Darkstar has given the page a new look, so
drop on by and have a look. Darkstar is still looking for some nice
graphics for the page, so if you are an artist and want to create something
original (a logo, background, pictures, whatever) for the homepage, go for
it. You can mail it to either Darkstar (hoss@box.net.au) or myself
(slg@nw.com.au). I have also started a discussion on the message board
(for those who can access it) regarding the homepage and what everyone
would like to see on it. In addition, anyone who wishes to write something
as an introduction to the project (for the homepage), as stated in my last
post (eg. short story, poem, description of project...etc) should send it
to Darkstar or myself (remember to put "OCP" in the subject line).

Speaking of the steering committee, there are now about 10 nominees (I am
deliberately being a little vague ;-) ), plus some additional 'possibles'.
I will make an announcement when nominations will close, though it probably
won't be for a while. So I am still accepting nominations. There will be 5
members of the steering committee at this stage. I am unsure whether the
overall coordinator will also be part of the steering committee. You will
also notice that the position of 'honorary' steering committee member has
been included in the diagram for the steering committee. I thought it might
be a good idea for providing an input mechanism for project members who are
busy contributing in other ways (like maintaing the homepage). It would
mean they are obviated of responsibilities to a design group, but could
have input to all the designs during the submission process. There will not
be more than a few (if that many) honourary members. What does everyone
think of this concept?

One of the most important aspects of setting up this project is going to be
the structure we adopt for submission of designs. I will try and translate
the last list post into an easy-to-understand (hopefully anyway) flow

Now, the BIG news. I will be calling for submissions of interest from
*everyone* who wants to be a part of this project, in a separate post. A
very kind person (who shall remain nameless until the official announcement
so their mailbox does not become flooded) has volunteered to collate all
the information for us. I am hoping for a large turn-out. As they say, "the
more, the merrier".

As always, if you are posting anything about the Online City Project to the
BR mailing list, then make sure the subject line has "OCP - " in it. Also,
anyone who is new to this list and has no idea what this project is all
about but would like to know, please do not hesitate to mail me (at
slg@nw.com.au ).

Until next we meet,