>Trizt wrote:
>>Something what I would like to se in Cerilia would be unintelligent
>>animals which resembles of dragons. They may be a bit smaller, have a
>>weeker breathweapon, no spell use, don’t speak any language, don’t
>>treasure (treasure which can be found should only be things their food

>>happened to carry with them).
>>If there would have been dragonriders, they would have used thise
>>unintelligent dragons as they are so much easier to master than a real
>>but they are still quite dangerous for the dragon riders.
>>IMO this kind of anmilas are missing in AD&D.

>Now here is something that I would totally agree with Trizt. In
Rolemaster and >other RPGs like GURPS, the concept of lesser dragons are
known. Fell beasts, >lesser drakes, and other dracoforms fall into this
catagory. All we need is >some of these ‘lesser dragons’ to be made
known for AD&D. Wyverns count, >but there isn’t enough species.
>What do you all think?
>//Trizt of Ward^RITE

Leaving the question of whether or not such creatures are missing in
AD&D in general alone for now, I for one would not like to see them in
Cerilia. I think they would detract from the rarity and mystery of true
dragons, which, for me, is one of the best aspects of Cerilia (I dislike
worlds where dragons seem to be more common than the average giant rat
(old Dragonlance was like this, where PC's were fighting dragons at 4th
and 5th level in the first module of the Dragonlance series and
Forgotten Realms is getting to be the same way). For me, a true dragon
is simply the greatest opponent PCs can face (well, in terms of a
physical conflict anyway).

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