I recently started a project based on the books of region specific kits
for the (especially on this list...) dreaded FR campaign setting.
this project is for similar style kits for the Birthright setting.
Shortly after
I started, I realized that this would be a huge project for me to do in
spare time, SO I am soliciting aid from the rest of the list for this
If you have the books Wizards and Rogues of the Realms or Warriors
and Priests of the Realms, the format in those books is the one I
intend on using. I am intending to use kingdoms as the dividing line
between various kits, at least for Fighters, Rangers, Thieves, and
Magicians. Priests, Bards, and Paladins could have orgaizational kits
[such as a Militant Order of Cuireacen specific kit, or an Imperial
specific kit (heh heh)]. Please let me know before you send me a kit.
I would like to complete this project one area at a time (just for my
sense of progress in the task) and I am currently working on Anuire.
If you want to help, my personal email is:


Thanks in advance for any help I recieve.


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