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> Anyways if the idea is approved by the department head, the submitter can then
> send in the full treatment. This could then be posted to an area of the
> webpage for review by any interested parties. I don't know a whole lot about
> web pages, but couldn't it be set up so that you go to the ONLINE CITY page
> and click on, say, "LAW/GOVERNMENT" and go to an area devoted to that section
> of the city? At these sites there could be anything from posts and
> announcements from the department head, to the actual idea submissions, all
> with email links to the appropriate parties. Again, I don't know how to do it
> but I'm sure someone like Darkstar could help. (Right, Darkstar? =) )

This is how the page will be set up once some submission etc start
arriving to be posted on the page.
I will be setting a seperate page for each section of the city and there
will be e-mail links etc once it has been decided who will be doing

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