How about a full-sized poster of the rulebook cover on the front side,
with perhaps some coats of arms spread around like a matte for a
picture? The back side, B&W, can be the continent map that everyone
seems to want. That way you get both: A promotional poster and a usable
item for existing Birthrighters.


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> >
> > Conclusion: A (sketchy) map of Anuire, without province borders and
> too
> > time- and campaign-bound info (trade routes, holdings etc)
> > but with tons of interesting stuff on it to convey the
> > epic feel of Birthright, and surrounding this map the her-
> > aldry of the most important realms and persons of Anuire,
> > with a description next to it. (For the full-color side)
> >
> > Introduction to the human, demihuman and humanoid races and
> > cultures of Cerilia (like in the conspectus) (for the B&W
> side)
> > Wait, that leaves quite some room... perhaps there is room
> > for that family tree of the Roeles still...
> >
> > So, what do think?
> Good ideas, except for Anuire- snore. I find just about anywhere else
> on the
> continent more interesting.
> I think if I were new to BR, maps wouldn't catch my eye as much as
> art. It
> wouldn't be very useful to me, but I'm willing to sacrifice that to
> get new
> BR junkies.
> Either:
> One big huge picture of ???? (Mt. Diesmarr, Old Grumpy, the Gods,
> Hero-Kings
> vs. impossible odds.....)
> A collage of little pictures, with map as faded background, Elves
> standing vigil
> in Tuer or the Seilwode, Brechts sailing the Great Bay, Rjuven
> fighting Blood
> Skull raiders in the area of the Highlands, etc..
> Either way, keep the heraldric border idea.
> If you go with the collage, the back is taken up explaining it. Same
> picture,
> but with text explaining what the newbie sees on the other side
> *Tangent thought*one little picture would have to be investiture*
> The big picture would allow for something more useful to us vets. Any
> of the
> many fine ideas already presented would be fine.
> Sorry to jump ship gang, or reverse what I previously posted, but I
> think Loren of Aerenwe is right. PROMO is the key work here. I think
> art would promote
> better than maps/stats/prose.
> Randax
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