> Yes, there were halflings at the Battle of Mount Deismaar (otherwise
> halfling characters would be almost nonexistent). Even before halflings
> the Shadow World, they were always able to move freely between there and
> Cerilia.
Speaking of halflings, I've always held them and their offshoots
(especially Kender, which always seem to be played by the most obnoxious
player in any group, doubling the "fun" and giving him an excuse for his
misbehavior) in a minimum of high regard.
That said, BR halflings are prolly the coolest and most intrigueing of the
player races (Oorgs, a non player race, I also want to find out more
about). I can't wait for whatever Shadow World supliment/adventures the BR
team has in the works, and I hope to find out more about BR halflings &tc
in it.