> On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, James Ruhland wrote:
> > This is an interesting point and one I think we should discuss.
> > that 20 turns is only 5 years, it's quite possible for a player to rule
> > a realm like, say Rovninodensk (in Vosgaard) from a bunch of 0/7 and
> > provinces (with 1 4/1 province) to a bunch of 8/0 and 10/0 provinces
> > that time. One suggesed change is to make it so you can't spend
> > Regency Points to improve your success chance. Another I'd recomend is
> > you can only (successfully) rule a province once every four (4) turns
> > year). This still means a player can grow the realm significanlty over
> > course of a 20 year reign, but you don't get the outlandish booms that
> > realms can experience. >

I have to agree with Mark VanderMeulen - i dont see how a player can get th
opportunity to spend that many of his RPs on just Ruling his Privince
Ratings to higher levels. There are also owners of Law, Temple , and Guild
Holdings in the Regent's realm that may or not continue to supprt him as he
raises his Kingodms Domain Power beyond his Bloodline Strength Score's
ability to yield him more RPs every round. There is a limit to how often a
Regent's Bloodline Strength Score can be raised, and this should also help
limit his ability to Rule his Province Ratings to outlandish levels. Of
course, the odd adventure can keep a Regent out of action during Domain
Turns, as well as can Brigands, Monsters, and other random events.
There should be too many other things going on a campaign for a Regent to
be able to spend all his RPs Ruling his Provinces and Holdings, and raising
his Bloodline.


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