On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:

> My initial thought is to say, yes this is a topic that can be problematic.
> But, upon further thought, these ideas occured to me: any Regent who has
> the Regency, Gold and Time to do this much Rule Province actions is being
> seriously underchallenged by the DM. He is ripe for a random event or a
> marauding awnsheighlein.

Historically, gold and regency (political capital) were spent in spurts of
activity followed by a husbanding of resources. A wise player will
attempt to lower the general threat level by befriending other regents,
doing favors, so that they are left alone. Further they will attempt to
solve problems using solutions that don't suck up gold and regecny. If
players are determined to rule up their lands, they will make the
comprimises neccessary. Getting a few Bless Land spells cast can really
make the difference.

> Further, consider the usual way kingdoms increase their populations:
> they offer free land to whomever is willing to take and tame it.

Then how do neighboring lands increase populations? Really this is
inadequate. While one increase might be justified by refugees from
Osoerde, other posters have suggested Anuire-wide, or even continent wide
increase. Rember thet German coloization in the east (Pomerania and
Silesia) were accompanied by an overflow of French speakers into formerly
German provinces west of the Rhine (Lorraine esp).

> a DM you should feel perfectly justified to spring things like Great
> Captains ... [Covert Holdings] ... [seven lines or so on predetory
> regents presumably invited in]
> So, I see your point that it may well be possible to abuse that
> certain aspect of the rules, the antidote is already there in the rules.
> All it needs is some DM savvy to help powermongering PC to learn the
> lessions of wisdom.
> Mark VanderMeulen
> vander+@pitt.edu

A lot of this sounds like punishing a regent who wants to rule up a
province rather than the natural obstacles inherent in such a venture.
What wise regent brings in his own Great Captains? While even Henry II
can have a Becket, usually these opportunities are given to the most loyal
and dedicated lords. When the Overthane ruled up a province (he has only
asked once) in my campaign, he had the High Priest and the Master of the
Royal Guild of B-A all ready to go. If someone from inside or outside
tried to be tricky, he would have faced the combined front of the whole
realm. Even if a PC doesn't get along smashingly, most other regents will
appreciate the opportunity, and fear a similar situation enough to join
against such a ploy. Now, if you don't send clues (I use NPC advisors for
this) about how you might screw a player, I guess all they can do is
resent the heavy-handedness of such a ploy.

Good regents should spend more time initiating action then they should
having their schemes thwarted by a DM who has it out for them. Plan your
difficulties before your players tell you what your going to do. Mine are
planed many realm turns ahead, and hints are sent forth, so canny players
have some incling where danger lies. I do roll for random events so
things can happen, and I have no problem with punishing a bad move with
its natural consequences.

I wonder, Mark, how do you drain away GB and RP, my players tend to
accumulate them until they undertake a project.

Kenneth Gauck