> This kind of brings me to my point. As the level of civilization
> increases, as it will in many BR campaigns by at least the fourth or
> turn, the sources are going to decline. I can't see the wizards rolling
> over and taking this. So what will happen when it occurs?
> Daniel McSorley
This is an interesting point and one I think we should discuss. Remembering
that 20 turns is only 5 years, it's quite possible for a player to rule up
a realm like, say Rovninodensk (in Vosgaard) from a bunch of 0/7 and 1/4
provinces (with 1 4/1 province) to a bunch of 8/0 and 10/0 provinces within
that time. Where do all the people come from? IMO, there should be some
restrictions on how often, and how effective, ruling a Province (as opposed
to a Holding) is. One suggesed change is to make it so you can't spend
Regency Points to improve your success chance. Another I'd recomend is that
you can only (successfully) rule a province once every four (4) turns (1
year). This still means a player can grow the realm significanlty over the
course of a 20 year reign, but you don't get the outlandish booms that many
realms can experience. There could also be special rules for situations
like Melyy ("gold rushes", or in this case a "Silver rush") that cause one
or perhaps several provinces to be able to experience rapid growth over a
short period.
IMO, also, the spell Population Growth is, well, it needs to be discussed.